Space Buns – Double Bun – Upside down Dutch Braid into Messy Buns – DIY tutorial!

The iconic 90s double bun or “Space Buns” are so popular and added some braids, you’ve got an even cooler style!

It’s a very comfortable style that I think you can wear for many occasions, but right now it would be a perfect festival style!

It’s also great if your hair is medium length because it secures the hair that would normally fall out of a high bun.

This is one of the harder styles to create on yourself, so if you haven’t tried to braid upside down before, I suggest that you practice on making a single braid first and that you have tried to do a Dutch Braid before.

I also recommend that you take a break between the two braids 😉

Before you start be sure that you have two elastic bands and a comb nearby that you can part you hair with.

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