Why I Left

Don’t just look beautiful. Feel beautiful.

I know not everyone has the money to buy time, but I did, and I can share what I learned. I hope you enjoy this storybook. I’d like to make more, but I wanted your thoughts on what you would like to see from me. Please comment below your ideas. It’ll give me better direction on where to take things. Sending you all positive thoughts during these dark times.

Projects I worked on during the year I was gone.

My beauty brand – http://ift.tt/1ylDkw8
Cruelty Free. Vegan Products. Made in USA

My web comic. Free to read – http://ift.tt/1QNPuYa
[ I recently made updates to season 1. I added new music for Ch. 1 – 9 ]

♪ music ♫
Kristofferson –
“Where Do Tears Go”
“Broken Fairy Lullaby”
Please support his music! He’s an independent artist and creates the most magical songs. ♪

My IG : http://ift.tt/1UaDqR2
EM IG : http://ift.tt/2qolA6d

Artist : http://ift.tt/2s2pXW4
Video editor : Me

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